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About Myself

Designer + Coffee = Endless Possibilities

Hello my name is Margo, I enjoy experimenting, designing, and developing elegant, efficient, and responsive websites. I am very happy to make your acquaintance.

Not only do I enjoy designing, but I LOVE DESIGNING. My philosophy is about creating the best design that visually represents you and/or your company. The best part about this journey is the opportunity to help you. So let me be your "owl" that allows me to take flight with your design.

Random Factoids: I love to read, travel, camp, socialize, drink excessive amounts of coffee, a Disnerd, and take my dog for long walks in DC.

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What I do

A jack of all trades.

Print/Graphic Design

I design unique and aesthetically pleasing print work that represents your brand and story. Whether that be a simple business card, powerpoint template, or a vast poster.

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Expert UX/UI Design

I make great ideas shine beyond paper onto the world of web by building dynamic and up to date web sites that tell the world who you are and what you stand for.

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Social Marketing

I will make sure that every knows who you are on all the major social media outlets with unique and eye catching posts with imagery and relative content to your brand.

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Some of My Projects